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Archive for January, 2014

Social Media – #neknomination madness

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Have you seen the #neknomination videos going round?  Amazing how an idea can catch on and take hold.  We have certainly seen some creative videos in the Penrith area, but apparently this started in Perth in Australia.

What is #neknomination?  Well, basically it is a global video chainmail where you nominate your friends to ‘down a pint’ – however it has been taken to the extreme with people doing all sorts of random things such as dressing up as women, being filmed in the shower or on the toilet, jumping off bridges, or downing custard..not just downing a pint.  It is like everyone that does it needs to go one step further to better their friends.

There have been some extreme cases in Australia with people ‘necking’ their drink whilst driving, or doing eye cringing things to their bodies.  Someone in Australia even got arrested by the police from their video!  Some people say these videos are encouraging young people to drink stupidly; particularly if it is a famous person not wanting to be outdone.

Do you think #Neknominate is harmless fun? Or is it promoting the wrong kind of drinking culture?

I personally think it is boys being boys (though there are some odd girls in the equation) – this probably happens most Saturday nights once a group of young lads get together – I’m not sure it will turn them into hardened drinks; in fact it appears that most can’t ‘neck the pint’ and just do it for a laugh.

Anyway, it is just another prime example of how an idea online can take off and grip the globe.

If you’ve not seen the videos – check out some of the best online here  – even the ex-Prime Minister of Australia gets in on the action!