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Archive for January, 2016

New Year, New Website?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

So every New Year we all say we are going to make dramatic changes and resolutions, whether this is in our business or personal life.

How about this year making a real change which could prove highly beneficial to your business?

If your commercial website hasn’t been updated for a while, perhaps 2016 is the time to start making changes. Technology moves at such a fast pace nowadays if you fall behind you may put yourself at risk of losing potential clients to your competitors.

So what are the signs that your website needs updating?

1) Your site is hard to navigate on smart phones and tablets

Mobile and tablet traffic now exceeds regular desktop or laptop traffic, so it is crucial that your site is mobile friendly. Ensure that all site content is accessible on mobiles and tablets and pay particular attention to touch screen devices when redesigning your site.

2) Your security has been breached

Out of date web design can often mean you are putting your business in serious danger. Older software may be less secure and potentially leave your site open to hackers. Website maintenance is crucial in making sure your site remains secure and protected.

3) Your search engine rankings are low

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) focuses on achieving high rankings on top search engines such as Google. With a good SEO your website will find itself on the first page of Google, whereas a poor one may not feature at all.

Basic ways to improve a site’s SEO include:

– Regular updates

– Quality content

– Using relevant tags ad keywords

– Making your site easy to share on social media

4) Your visitors aren’t sticking around

Your site analytics will tell you at a glance whether or not your visitors are sticking around. This is a fairly strong indicator as to whether or not your site is useful / appealing to your target audience.

At a glance, a successful website will include the following:

– Easy navigation

– Eye catching, slick design

– Interesting content

– Useful features

If any of the above signs present themselves when looking at your website, perhaps change is needed. A website is a great investment, so make this year’s resolution count and make a difference to your business.

Here’s to a happy and successful 2016 everyone!

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