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Chimney Gill Cottage Management Services

Projects - Chimney Gill Cottage

Chimney Gill Cottage ( Client since February 2016 )

Client Requirement : Website - Social Media - PR - General Marketing

What we did:

We were approached by the owners of Chimney Gill Cottage in Cumbria as they were looking for some guidance to launch a new business.  The new business is a Management Service for other holiday home owners.

We helped them develop a logo for the new strand of the business and also a new website, which they could use to help them promote the service.  Initially we launched this via local PR.

We also developed social media, to incorporate the holiday cottage and the new management service, with daily updates.  We also launched a Facebook competition to help them celebrate the launch and encourage more people to like their business page.

Going forward we are helping to redevelop the Chimney Gill Cottage website and ensure their digital marketing is more effective than it has been.