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Projects - Cumbrian Homes

Cumbrian Homes ( client since Jan 2014 )

Client Requirement : Brand development - Strategy - PR - Social Media - Advertising - General Marketing

What we did:

Acorn Marketing was approached by one of Cumbria’s leading building developers, Cumbrian Homes Ltd to help look after their marketing. They wanted to work with a local company, who would be on hand to help with day to day marketing tasks.

After developing a marketing strategy and plan for the coming year, we were put to the test right away and played a key role in helping create a brand for their new site in Penrith. We were heavily involved in the development of the ‘Carleton Manor Park’ brand. We took this from initial concepts right through to promotional literature, advertising and development of the website.

We also helped Cumbrian Homes increase their social media and digital marketing activity as well as spreading the word about the new site to the local community through stakeholder events and Public Relations.

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