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Projects - Hunter Hall School

Hunter Hall School ( Client since May 2015 )

Client Requirement : Marketing Strategy & planning - PR - Social Media - General Marketing

What we did:

Hunter Hall School in Penrith hadn’t really had a clear marketing strategy in the past and needed some direction.  Acorn Marketing was chosen to help detangle their marketing and give them a clear way forward.  They wanted to use a local company, someone who had extensive skills and knowledge of marketing and someone who could use their expertise to guide them.

Initially we helped them develop a marketing strategy and plan, which helped them really focus on their customer and what they wanted to achieve going forward.  It helped pick out the key aims and gave us a clear pathway for their marketing.  Initially we helped guide the development of their website (which had already been set up), adding news, helping sort navigation and making it a more effective marketing tool.  We also brought them up to speed with social media; and now the teachers are happy to share news stories online.

We have helped Hunter Hall School become more focused in their marketing.  Knowing what tasks to undertake and when.  To realise what works for them and to be more savvy with their marketing tactics.  We’ve developed their presence in newspapers, an e-newsletter and new alumni pages on their website.  We also helped them market their 30th anniversary birthday in 2016.

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