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Penrith Building Society Marketing

Projects - Penrith Building Society

Penrith Building Society ( client since February 2012 )

Client Requirement : Strategy - Brand development – Promotional material – Graphic design

What we did:

Penrith Building Society has been through a renaissance in the past couple of years and seen many changes. The company wanted to refresh their brand to reflect this. Although the old brand had become synonymous with the building society and was very recognisable there was an agreement that it needing refreshing. It was important not to completely reinvent the brand as it has been developed over many years, had become recognisable and gained credibility. To have changed the brand completely would have been a mistake and lost some of the traditional values and impact the old brand had established.

By working with the team at the building society, the board of directors and members of the public through a series of focus groups, we were able to refresh the brand, blow the ‘dust’ off the ‘old coat’ and gave the brand a new lease of life.

We also worked with the building society to develop their promotional literature and ensure it was all consistent, including leaflets, folders, business stationary and newsletters. We also helped develop their new website from function to design. By working with the building society on their marketing we helped to build up their customer base, raise awareness of the building society, and increased community engagement.

To see the website we helped create and find out more about Penrith Building Society click here