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Country Puddings April Fool Marketing campaign


April Fool’s day marketing for Country Puddings

As many of you will know I am a rather creative person and I love to find new ways of doing things and really thinking creatively about the marketing I’m doing for my clients.  Therefore April Fool’s Day posed the perfect opportunity to get that creative thinking cap on and run with something really fun.  The perfect client for this was Country Puddings (if you’ve not tried their puddings, you really should they are sublime – and they didn’t pay me to say that!)

I started out by doing a bit of research to see what other companies had done.  Many large consumer brands have developed campaigns around April fool’s Day; including Virgin developing glass bottomed planes, Proctor and Gamble introducing Bacon flavoured mouthwash to their range and IKEA selling self-assembly lawnmowers to their customers.  Country Puddings are a relatively small company compared to these ‘big boys’ but we didn’t let that stop us – all it takes is an idea and a little work.

There were various ideas I came up with, but in the end we went for something that was plausible and something that Country Puddings could potentially produce – we came up with a new range of ‘pudding inspired’ toiletries.
The campaign launched on social media with the announcement that the company had diversified into the health and beauty sector.  The range included Sticky Toffee Shower Gel, Tangy Lemon Exfoliating Soap, Chocolate Fudge Body Moisturiser, Rhubarb Crumble Shampoo and Creamy Vanilla Custard Conditioner.

As well as launching on social media, including a competition to win some of the new products, an e-newsletter was sent to customers, press release sent to local and national press, information added to their website and images created of the new products to ensure it looked convincing.

The campaign was executed like an actual product launch.  The response was fantastic and we had some great comments.  Many people were fooled, but several sussed that the campaign was an April fool joke.
The response we received from the public was staggering; there were over 2,000 engagements and interactions on Facebook alone and many new followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Visits to the website peaked by over 550% and was the busiest day their website has ever seen since being launched – the campaign even generated more hits to the website than when Greg Wallace wrote about their Rice Pudding!

At the end of the day this type of campaign  is a bit of fun, but has an aim at the end of the day – to generate interest about the existing product, increase brand awareness and hopefully sales.  It shows that you can generate interest in your brand with some creative thinking – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or mean you have to be a large company to do it.

I feel exhausted now and if I didn’t have my invoices to do, I’d open a bottle of wine to celebrate a good days work!

Published : April 1st 2014

Categories :Marketing

Tags :Country Puddings