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Acorn Marketing Cumbria Marketing Blog – Find out all the latest news about Acorn Marketing Cumbria, developments in the Marketing industry, projects we’re working on, our top tips and a few fun marketing campaigns thrown in for good measure…

August 13th 2019
mobile marketing

Mobile marketing trends

Mobile marketing is the technique of online multi-channel digital marketing focusing on a specific audience using their sma ...
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July 25th 2019

Tiktok the newest social media app – good for business?

The social media scene has a new player to rival Instagram - Tiktok. Is it a platform for businesses to adopt? We’ve take ...
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July 10th 2019
EVA awards acorn marketing makes shortlist

EVA shortlist for the fourth time

I have made the EVA shortlist for the fourth time!  The widely anticipated shortlist for this year’s Read More
June 28th 2019

Marketing FAQs (from prospective clients)

As a Marketing Consultant, I am always asked a variety of questions when networking or by prospective clients who want to know the finer ...
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May 7th 2019
thank you note

The Power Of Thank You

Growing up, it was a built-in tradition that after every birthday and Christmas, I sat down with my best fountain pen to handwrite a thank you letter ...
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April 16th 2019
stress avoidance in April

It’s Stress Awareness Month – Here’s how we react

April is stress awareness month – something we can all attest to as stresses do get on top of us whilst we juggle the various aspects of our life. M ...
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