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Acorn Marketing Cumbria Marketing Blog – Find out all the latest news about Acorn Marketing Cumbria, developments in the Marketing industry, projects we’re working on, our top tips and a few fun marketing campaigns thrown in for good measure…

March 4th 2019

Inspirational Books For Marketing & Business

As World Book Day fast approaches on 7th March, it’s mostly known as the day when children attending nursery or school are welcome to dr ...
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February 21st 2019
Emergency Doctors on Call

New lease of life for the Beep Fund as it celebrates 25 years

The Beep Fund Ltd, which has been running since 1994, has undergone a transformation, with new branding, improved marketing and social media. The cha ...
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February 20th 2019

Engaging Your Email Database

Think about when you receive marketing emails, which ones have caught your attention, had you discussing them with colleagues and impressed you the mo ...
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January 26th 2019
Acorn Marketing cumbria imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome in small businesses

I had a pretty rubbish week at the end of January.  I won’t go into all the gory details, but it reminded me Read More
November 12th 2018
Christmas Marketing Cumbria

Christmas Marketing – is it too late to plan?

It is never too late to get on board with the Christmas Marketing train – unless you’re reading this in January! As a rule of thumb when I work ...
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October 23rd 2018
top tips to avoid bad marketing

Scary Marketing – get the basics right

I have worked in Marketing for almost 20 years now and my beady eye is always on the lookout for great campaigns and ideas.  However, it’s so much ...
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