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Acorn Marketing Cumbria Marketing Blog – Find out all the latest news about Acorn Marketing Cumbria, developments in the Marketing industry, projects we’re working on, our top tips and a few fun marketing campaigns thrown in for good measure…

May 9th 2013
New President for Penrith Show

New President brings forty years of experience to Penrith Show

Ex Chairman of Penrith Show, Frank Mason was elected as this year’s President and brings to the table over forty years of experience of being involv ...
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May 7th 2013
Reflecting Health event

Reflecting Health event for Penrith Chamber of Trade

I run the Penrith Chamber of Trade events and every other month we have a B2B event, where members can show us round their business, give a presentati ...
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April 24th 2013
Bells of Lazonby event

Bells of Lazonby event with the Chartered Institue of Marketing

Today I went to a really good event. You know the kind where you’re not 100% sure what to expect, but it turns out to be really interesting and info ...
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April 21st 2013
Stars of business

Stars of business awards launched for second year

Penrith Chamber of Trade and Commerce is set to showcase local businesses once again in 2013 with the second Stars of Business awards. The awards reco ...
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April 13th 2013

Elite fitness helps in the battle of the bulge

Dedicated members from Elite Fitness Gym in Penrith, keen to shed some weight after Christmas celebrated as they lose over 70 pounds on the first weig ...
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April 11th 2013
Cash for kids

Charity begins in Cumbria for Urban Challenge

Local charities from around Cumbria are joining the fun in the UK’s first No Ego Urban Challenge to raise money for good causes around the county. ...
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