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Acorn Marketing Cumbria Marketing Blog – Find out all the latest news about Acorn Marketing Cumbria, developments in the Marketing industry, projects we’re working on, our top tips and a few fun marketing campaigns thrown in for good measure…

October 2nd 2017
Lisa wins a hat-trick

Lisa gets a hat-trick!

Well, I only went and did it again...I got a hat-trick in the Enterprise Vision Awards.  I wasn't sure whether to enter or not this year as I'd won t ...
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June 26th 2017
Teach and old dog new tricks in marketing

Can you teach an old dog new tricks in Marketing?

Teaching an old dog new tricks The world of marketing changes all the time and it’s hard to keep up with everything; particularl ...
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April 27th 2017

Blogging: The King of Marketing! Why we do it and Top Tips

Everywhere we look we are inundated with content; from fashion to food, content is king in 2017. A priority in your business development ...
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April 12th 2017

Highly Commended for Cumbrian Homes Site Manager

Cumbrian Homes are proud to announce that Gary Fleckney, Site Manager at their development Carleton Manor Park in Penrith has been awarded Highly Comm ...
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March 30th 2017

Hunter Hall pupils ditch the pitch for ballet

Year six pupils at Hunter Hall School in Penrith have been introduced to the world of ballet this term as a way of improving and developing their fitn ...
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March 15th 2017

Yellowbus Solutions to bring High Speed Internet to Westlakes

Warrington based Yellowbus Solutions have recently expanded their operation into Cumbria and have begun work improving the network infrastructure in a ...
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