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Charity begins in Cumbria for Urban Challenge

Local charities from around Cumbria are joining the fun in the UK’s first No Ego Urban Challenge to raise money for good causes around the county.

Organisers from the 10K adventure race are encouraging teams to join forces, dress up and get ready to take on a 10K course full of gruelling obstacles, mud, water, sweat and (hopefully not too many) tears. The race is not for the feint hearted and is a test of strength and stamina; however a great opportunity for people to raise cash for local good causes and charities that matter to them.

No Ego Challenge has teamed up with local radio station CFM as their media partner, who is enlisting teams to run the challenge in aid of their charity Cash for Kids. Cash for Kids provides a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children in Cumbria & South West Scotland. Each year they raise thousands of pounds which enable them to deliver initiatives for sick and underprivileged children in our communities, to benefit local children and give the neediest a better and brighter future.

Di Campbell from CFM Radio’s Cash for Kids comments,

We are looking forward to getting involved in the No Ego Challenge and raising lots of money for local children. What’s raised locally, stays locally, so I’m still working on convincing the staff at CFM to put a team together, but we have lots of supporters in the area, who have raised money for our charity in the first No Ego Challenge in Penrith and I’m positive we can raise lots of money to help children in our area.”

Organisers of the race are excited that the CFM crew will be on hand on the day helping add some atmosphere to the event and race HQ as well as raising lots of money for this very worthy cause. Courage the Cat will also be on hand for welcoming weary competitors over the finish line.

As well as CFM Radio’s Cash for Kids, the No Ego Challenge team has been receiving entries from teams raising money for other charities across the county including Eden Valley Hospice and the Olivia Story Trust. Eden Valley Hospice is a charity dedicated to providing specialist care to adults from the local area and children throughout Cumbria, as well as caring for their families, friends and carers.

Olivia Story contracted meningococcal septicaemia when she was 2. Her organs failed and she was very close to death, her heart stopped and her parents thought they had lost her. 3 of her limbs turned black and were amputated to save her life. Fortunately she survived. Olivia’s trust was set up to help her family buy the very expensive limbs and equipment Olivia needs.

Brian Lee, organiser of the No Ego Challenge is originally from Cockermouth and working with local suppliers, businesses and charities is top priority for him,

I worked with a lot of charities on soccer events in the USA and found that it was so much more rewarding helping good causes that were close to home. With the No Ego Challenge we really wanted to support local charities who we could build up good relationships with, rather than large UK wide charities. By working with local charities we can actually see where all the money raised by competitors is going and know that it is helping our local community.”

Fundraising for events like this can have a significant impact on individual charities whose operating costs run into hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. The No Ego Challenge team not only want to help their partner charities, but encourage other charities, organisations, businesses and clubs to join in and get teams together to help raise lots of money. By entering a team the entry fees are reduced by up to 28% depending on the number of people per team and entry date. Competitors also receive a 50% discount on a second race in 2013.

Other races lined up for 2012 include a Mud Challenge in Preston on 14th September and the second Mud Challenge at Greystoke Castle on 26th October. Dates of a Northumbria based race are to be confirmed and competitors are advised to keep checking the No Ego Challenge website

Published : April 11th 2013

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