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Oaklea Trust Good Neighbours scheme


Everybody needs good neighbours at the Oaklea Trust

The Oaklea Trust is pleased to announce their ‘Good Neighbours’ scheme; a new initiative for people in South Lakes and Furness.  The scheme is being launched after being awarded additional funding by the Cumbria Third Sector Consortium (C3C); part of the Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme.

The ‘Good Neighbours’ programme offers a service in the community for those in need of help and support which cannot be supplied through Social and Health care.  It is aimed at those who may be vulnerable or at risk of becoming vulnerable i.e. older people, people with disabilities, single parents and young mothers, people temporarily in need through illness or anyone who may be isolated in the community.

Activities in the ‘Good Neighbours’ programme include befriending and companionship, shopping, general housework, long term home support, dog walking, gardening, driving beneficiaries to medical appointment and offering information about local sources of help.

The Project Leader for the programme is Sarah Thornborrow.  Her role is to establish and manage a team of ‘Volunteer Visitors’ and identify beneficiaries who would welcome this support.  Sarah comments,

“Oaklea Good Neighbours is a really unique project which puts people together – those who need a little helping hand and those who can regularly spare a few hours to volunteer.

There are so many things we take for granted, like making a cup of tea, tidying the garden, picking up a few groceries from the shops or just doing the laundry.  Imagine if you weren’t able to do this, through illness or incapacity, or if you were recuperating from a stay in hospital, who could you rely on?  Giving up a little time and helping could make a huge difference to someone in your local community”

The Oaklea Trust already provides both a ‘Home from Hospital Programme’ and an ‘Advice and Support Service’, however the additional funding means they can support more individuals in need by recruiting volunteers and taking the service beyond 6 weeks, which ‘Home from Hospital’ currently provides.

The Cumbria Third Sector Consortium (C3C) is part of the Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme, which commenced at the beginning of April 2013 and is supported by NHS and Cumbria County Council.  The programme aims to provide older people and disabled adults with a range of activities and support. The programme is being delivered by a partnership of over twenty community groups and charitable organisations operating in local communities, including the Oaklea Trust.

The team at Oaklea Trust are now looking for an army of volunteers to join the Good Neighbours scheme – If you know of anyone who you feel would benefit in South Lakes or Furness, or who would like to join the team of ‘Good Neighbour’ volunteers call The Oaklea Trust on 01539 735 025 or email

Published : February 24th 2014

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