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New science centre at hunter hall school penrith


Hunter Hall pupils move into new Science Centre

Hunter Hall pupils returned to school this term to a new science centre complete with a skeleton affectionately known as Ainsworth.

The new science centre has been built ahead of schedule after huge efforts by all of the Hunter Hall community who worked tirelessly in the last academic year to fundraise for the build. Everything from auction evenings and sponsored walks to bike challenges and cake baking, breakfast meetings and music events were hosted last year. The parent’s group worked incredibly hard to organise events, as did the children who thought up and implemented their own fundraising ideas.

Head teacher Mrs Donna Vinsome commented:
“I am absolutely thrilled that the new science centre has been built ahead of schedule. This really was a massive undertaking and I could not be prouder of everyone who helped us make this vision a reality. For the children to be able to benefit so quickly from such a resource is amazing – we may have the scientists of the future here at Hunter Hall and now they have the science centre to fulfil their dreams.”

Hunter Hall is continuing on its fundraising mission this year to equip the new science centre with the latest technology and gadgets as befits the 21st century.

new science centre open at hunter hall school penrith


Published : September 10th 2018

Categories :Press Releases