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Penrith Building Society Builds a Water Pump in Africa

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

A community in Zimbabwe is now benefitting from clean drinking water, thanks to a donation through AquAid by the Penrith Building Society.

Penrith Building Society installed two AquAid water coolers in its offices over nine years ago, with a donation being made to The Africa Trust for every bottle of water the company purchases.  The result of this is that AquAid has been able to buy an Elephant Pump on Penrith Building Society’s behalf for a community who previously had no access to safe, clean drinking water.

Amyn Fazal, Chief Executive at Penrith Building Society said: “It is fantastic to think that a community in Zimbabwe is able to have its own fresh drinking water well, thanks to the donations we have been able to make installing water coolers in our offices for use by our customers and staff. I believe strongly that we all live not just in our local community but belong to a worldwide community and we all share a common responsibility. It is part of our corporate social responsibility to put back into the community and it is great to be able to support such a worthwhile project in Africa. The Elephant Pumps that AquAid provide are vital to communities such as this one in Manicaland.”

Elephant Pumps are also used by millions of people in over seven thousand other communities. The Africa Trust is working towards providing clean water, through the Elephant Pumps, for more communities throughout Africa, including countries like Tanzania, Uganda and most recently, Liberia, through donations by companies such as Penrith Building Society.

Fern Shaw, AquAid Africa, said: “It is so important that AquAid receives help from companies like Penrith Building Society.  It makes a huge difference to people’s lives in these communities where they may otherwise have to walk several miles to find water and even then, may find it contaminated.  It is only through the ongoing support of businesses that we are able to continue to carry out this vital work.”

The Elephant Pump is based on a 2,000 year old Chinese design that has been adapted to be made stronger, more durable and from local materials available in rural sub-Saharan African communities.