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Pet shop rescue

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Penrith based ‘Arcade Pet Stores’ has received a fantastic present just in time for Christmas. With news that the store would close in the next few weeks a buyer has come forward to ensure the pet shop remains open.

The popular pet shop is Penrith’s oldest pet shop going back over 60 years. The current owner Misha Earl has owned the business for the last 16 years; however decided to cease trading as she planned on starting her retirement at the end of the year.

News of the closure was greeted with great sadness from many of the pet shops loyal customers and the support Misha has received since the announcement the store was closing has been overwhelming. However, as soon as local animal lover Trisha Veitch heard the news she was straight on the phone. She said as soon as she walked in she “knew it was for me”.

Trisha comments,
“I am really looking forward not only running my own shop but being part of the retail scene of Penrith. As one of the longest running shops in the town I not only wish to keep the traditional nature of the shop but also develop it into other areas”

Trisha is looking to expand the business to include a dog grooming and clipping service, which will offer even more to the pet shops customers. Trisha is originally from Penrith and has a farming background so has always been around lots of animals and always loved working with animals large and small.

As news spreads that the pet shop will continue trading customers are thrilled and think that it is great for Penrith that it will continue to provide an excellent service to customers.

One customer even knitted two Guinea pigs for Misha when she heard the news that the shop was closing and there was only one guinea pig left needing a home, saying “Thanks you for the pleasure you have dispersed to generations of Penrith people; especially children”

The shop is currently being re-stocked with customer’s favourites and new animals will be available to buy once again very soon. The pet shop will change hands at the end of the year as Trisha takes on her new challenge and she wishes Misha all the very best in her retirement.