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Every day is a school day

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

There has been so much back to school marketing around recently it got me thinking and reminiscing about my old school and University days (crikey it’s 20 years since I started Uni this year!)  Everyone always used to say they were the best days of your life and anyone who has been to university will know that they really are!  However, when you leave school or Uni your education does not stop there.  I feel I am always on a continuous journey of learning whether that’s in life, motherhood or work.

When I was in paid employment, I often attended training courses to broaden my skills, whether that was health and safety or leadership management.  However, since being self-employed this has changed slightly.

A few years ago, I decided to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).  I wanted an accreditation that proved that I was a legitimate marketer.  There are so many cowboys in the industry and I wanted people to know I was genuine and I actually know what I’m talking about.  At that point, I had about 15 years of experience in marketing, which was enough to prove to the CIM that I was fit for the title.

Ever since I have undertaken a path of Continued Professional Development (CPD) whereby I attend training courses, read books, watch webinars, mentor people – generally try to keep on top of my game.  I record the work I do and undertake reflective statements on what I’ve learnt and how I will implement this in my own work.

By doing this it has ensured that I am continuously learning and developing, being the best marketer I can be.  So, for me, every day is like a school day as I learn new things about myself and my business and continue my education and gain more experience in the wonderful world of marketing.

School Marketing Acorn Marketing Cumbria CIM certificate

My 2018/2019 CIM certificate


Hunter Hall School – Back with a bang!

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

It was back to school for most of the country last week and Penrith’s Hunter Hall started the new term with a bang – shortlisted for Cumbria’s education awards the Golden Apples, appointment of new heads of school and a welcome back disco!

Great news to start the autumn term is that the independent school has been shortlisted for a ‘Golden Apple’ education award in the Early Years category.  The school received several nominations for its work with early year’s pupils and will find out if they have won in a prestigious event held at Carlisle Racecourse in October.

Early Years is a crucial part of a child’s education and the early year’s team reinforce the philosophy that every child deserves the best possible start.  Within the Foundation Stage Unit there is provision for Nursery children aged 3 to 4 along with Reception children aged 4 to 5 years.

What makes early year’s education so special at Hunter Hall and why they have been shortlisted for this award, is that they strive to provide creativity within their innovative early year’s curriculum.  This is fostered through a connection to nature & the unique environment around school. Exploration, discovery and interaction are part of the daily routine with learning which is fun, active and meaningful to the children.

Inspection visits from the Independent Schools Inspectorate have highlighted the high quality teaching and learning, through outstanding provision and stimulating indoor and outdoor environments.

Foundation Stage Manager Jennie Cross comments,

“Our Early Years team feel truly privileged to be teaching & preparing a whole new generation of children for their exciting first experiences of school life and are delighted to have been shortlisted for such an award.”

As well as the awards, individual children have been appointed Heads of School this week. Alexa Weymouth was appointed Head of School and will be helped by her deputies: Harvey Johnston (Head Boy) and Emily Airey (Head Girl). Together they aim to keep the school in ship shape fashion, helping the younger children and looking after new entrants.

Other children who have been given new responsibilities at the school include Rhiannon Thomas as Head Librarian, Boys Games Captains Lewis Elliott and Finlay Hansford and Girls Games Captains Keira Butler and Bethany Cater.

House Captains have also been selected including Amelia Bloomer and Toby Scott for the Squirrels, Arabella Barker-Bland and Dylan Hind for Hares, Oliver Bird and Beth Stafford for Badgers and Angus Fleming and Katie Parmenter for Foxes.

Finally, staff, pupils and parents welcomed new starters to the school in various years with their annual ‘Welcome Back’ Disco on Friday 11th September.  It is an enjoyable event for the children, a lovely way to end the first week of term and is a great way for new children (and their parents) to get to know their classmates just that little bit better whilst they strut a few moves!