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Christmas Marketing – is it too late to plan?

Monday, November 12th, 2018

It is never too late to get on board with the Christmas Marketing train – unless you’re reading this in January!

As a rule of thumb when I work with clients we start planning Christmas campaigns in June/July for promotion in August/September, with a final push in October/November.  Of course, this depends on what you’re selling.

Think about creating a month-by-month marketing plan and adding all the big occasions for marketing throughout the year – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Summer Holidays, and Halloween etc.  Think about what products/services you are going to offer during these periods and how you will promote them.  This ensures that when the time comes it’s not all panic and you’re planned and prepared – knowing what you are going to do well in advance.

You can get any brochures created, e-news campaigns planned and flyers at the ready.

However, if you’re a bit late off the mark, what I would suggest is doing a bit of Facebook advertising – it is simple and cost effective and you get to see results.

Perhaps try emailing your mailing list (if you have one) with last minute offers.

Get in touch with the local press – is there a press release you can send or an eye-catching photo to promote what you’re doing?

What about running a special offer or promotion – Buy One Get One Free or similar?

Competitions go down a treat on social media – is there something you can give away that people would love in time for Christmas

There are lots of little tips and tricks to try with your Christmas Marketing, but you might just have to be a bit creative.  In 2019 try to plan in advance, I’m sure you’ll see a big difference!

If you need some help with your marketing planning drop us a line to see if we can help!

Penrith ‘Paint the Town Red’ Winners Revealed!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Winners have been revealed for the window dressing competition which was held as part of the Penrith Winter Festival. Each year businesses in the town are invited to dress their windows and get into the Christmas spirit. This year the theme, as set by Penrith Chamber of Trade was ‘Paint the Town Red’ with businesses encouraged to have fun, add sparkle and be as imaginative as possible!

This year’s judges, Amyn Fazal and Heidi Marshall representatives from Penrith Chamber of Trade were certainly greeted with sparkle and imagination. The judges were impressed to find the two categories, Service Provider and Independent Retailer had received a fantastic response with around 40 entries, a higher uptake than in previous years.

Competition judge Amyn Fazal, President of Penrith Chamber of Trade commented  ‘Walking around Penrith town for a couple of hours is something we should all do regularly. The spirit that exists in the businesses and the huge variety of offerings out there is inspiring. I have a list of new places I want to visit and experience as a result!’

The judges wish to thank all businesses involved in this year’s competition and congratulate the winners. The award for Service Provider went to the Kiddlywinks Nursery display at Tim Roebucks Opticians for their fabulous tribute to ‘Save Lazonby Fire Station’, complete with mock flames, flashing lights and even a fire engine.

Kindlywinks Tim

The award for the Independent Retailer category went to Lakeland Music who created a modern and eye catching display with every single instrument perfectly showcasing the theme. With ruby red drums and crimson guitars, judges commented that sourcing this vast collection of red instruments ‘was a truly impressive feat. As a relatively new business to the town, shop owner Amanda Holiday was ‘simply delighted’ to have won.

Lakeland Music

This year a special Highly Commended award was introduced and awarded to the Ice Cream Garden and Tea Room who totally embraced the theme and quite literally ‘painted the town red’ giving their entire shop front a lick of red paint for the festive season. Other stand out entries included; Styleline for their giant Christmas cracker, Foundry 34 and Cartmell Shepherd for their impressive use of red ribbon, WCF for their fully accessorised festive model horse, Acorn Guest for recreating a mini Penrith winter scene and Maggie’s Bakery for their creative cake characters. While previous winners the Unicorn and Greenwheat Florist and Fika continue to deliver, providing strong competition with their beautifully decorative displays. A full list of all businesses who were involved in the window dressing competition can be found at

Ice Cream Garden

The Penrith Winter festival is organised by Penrith Chamber of Trade in conjunction with Acorn Marketing and Discover Penrith, funding from the Penrith Business Improvement District, the Pride in Penrith Lottery and sponsorship from the Lakes & Dales Co-Operative, Cumbrian Homes and Penrith Building Society.