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Hunter Hall Pupils Get Creative

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Last week pupils from Year 6 of Hunter Hall School visited sculptor Michelle Castle’s studio in Dockray, as part of one of their art projects.

The pupils had been tasked during their art lessons with creating an abstract statue of a figure, building upon a wire frame.  Michelle Castles is a wire artist who is renowned for her wire mesh sculptures of dynamic and sports figures. She is based in the Lake District and exhibits her wire sculptures across the UK, including The Inspire Exhibition in 2014 and 2015, at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2013 and the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle.

Not only were the pupils very excited about visiting the studio, but their teacher was equally as thrilled about the possibility of introducing Year 6 to her work and were delighted that she agreed to let them visit.

The trip presented quite a unique and unusual opportunity for the children to explore the arts and to learn more about wire modelling and sculpture.  Michelle began with showing pupils her sculptures and drawings and she explained the link between her sculptures and maths.  Half of the class then began making two forms out of wire, whilst the other half were introduced to painter Gina Farncombe, who had kindly offered to run painting sessions for Year 6 from her neighbouring studio.

Hunter Hall get creative with Gina Farncombe

Hunter Hall get creative with Gina Farncombe

Deputy Head Teacher, Antonia Taylor commented,

“The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us; it is one of the best trips I have been on!  We are enormously grateful to all involved, who made us feel so welcome and had taken so much time preparing for our visit. The energy and enthusiasm of both Michelle and Gina were truly inspiring and it really was a privilege for our Year 6 children to be invited to work with two professional artists in their own studios.”

Artist Michelle Castles, added,

“I am so pleased the children enjoyed the day as much as I did. They were a real joy to work with and I loved their wholehearted enthusiasm…Their behaviour is a credit to you and the school, you must be very proud of them.”

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Michelle Castles with Hunter Hall Pupils

Michelle Castles with Hunter Hall Pupils