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A first for Cumbria – virtual reality tours at Carleton Manor Park, Penrith

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Cumbrian Homes have launched the next phase of their housing development at Carleton Manor Park in Penrith, with an innovative new Virtual Reality tour of the site and 13 new apartments.

 The 360o computer generated virtual tour allows the buyer to actually see what the site is going to look like once complete and takes away the guess work for buyers.  When customers visit the site and stand in one of the several hotspots, the smart technology allows the user to view a 360o Augmented Reality (AR) virtual representation of the development on Smartphones or Tablets.  The tour gives a real sense of how the development is going to look and you can ‘virtually’ walk around.

The tour was created by James Bullimore at Jabster Ltd, who is based in Skirwith, near Penrith.  James has over 20 years of experience working in 3D design.  The Carleton Manor development has been expertly 3D modelled and textured by James to Architects drawings and specifications.  These 3D house models have then been positioned within a 3D landscape of Carleton Manor Park with accurate contouring based on Ordnance Survey Benchmark (OSBM) topographic survey maps.

Cumbrian Homes use high-quality products and features in their homes, which add to the customers buying experience.  Having a virtual tour of Carleton Manor Park is a modern sales tool that can inform customers and help them to make important decisions when buying a new home.

Scott Edwards, Commercial Manager at Cumbrian Homes said,

“Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in all aspects of our lives, and we’re continually developing as a company to ensure we’re at the forefront of this. 

Not only do we use innovative building materials and technology in our homes, but we are now leading the way in how we sell our homes too.  Many other developers use 360o videos of houses they have already built.  However, where our tour is unique is that it is based on computer generated designs taken from architect’s drawings and site plans.  This provides a really powerful tool for our homebuyers, giving increased confidence and allowing them to visualise their new home and its environment before construction even starts – we believe we’re one of the first in the UK, and certainly  Cumbria, to offer this!”

At the launch of The Manor apartment block at Carleton Manor Park, visitors can view the tour with Virtual Reality (VR) goggles making for immersive viewing.  They can also experience firsthand what the interior of the apartment block will look like, which will also be available for VR viewing for the first time.  The Virtual Reality experience delivers a sense of realism allowing the viewer to feel like they are actually walking around Carleton Manor Park and inside the Manor building and apartments, with the aid of virtual reality goggles.

Scott added,

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve the customer experience and while physical viewings will always be important to get a sense of scale, virtual reality can really bring the space to life before it exists and help our buyers make informed decisions. We actively encourage earlier buyer involvement so they can truly personalise their new home with us – so we feel the VR and AR technologies are an exciting and logical fit for us. ”

 Customers will be able to make use of the virtual reality technology on-site using smartphones and tablets, or off-site via a smartphone with a virtual reality cardboard viewer, or by visiting where the tour can be viewed on screen.

 The Manor apartment block and its flanking buildings contain 13 luxury apartments, including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, from £228,000.