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How to Reach Millennials

Monday, November 18th, 2019

The term ‘millennials’ can often be referred to in the media but understanding this generation is the key to helping businesses market their products and services in the most relevant and productive way.  

Millennials are born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. The youngest of these millennials are at university and the oldest are now approaching 40.  

They have grown up with internet from a young age (or since birth!) and so are knowledgeable of technology and the world of social media. Normality for them is having access to mobile technology and information at their fingertips quickly. They like convenience and will opt for products that fit their lifestyles rather than being loyal to brands. 

Millennials like to live a lifestyle with quick accessibility to information and services. They adopt new technologies swiftly – be that via devices, apps and programs. 

Often described, in a cliched fashion, as narcissistic and self-centred individuals who are lacking motivation, they have had more challenges than previous generations. They are confident and well informed due to the immense wealth of data available in their hand-held devices. Millennials are notably socially responsible with a global awareness and drive to improve the environment in which we all live and in order to leave a better planet for generations to come. 

These individuals value word-of-mouth more highly than the usual channels of marketing and branding. Companies who have embraced an understanding of social media channels and designed their strategy to attract and interact with these 20-40-year-olds will benefit and succeed in engaging this generation. Millennials are happier to give recommendations to friends and family for brands they align with, who are conscious of environmental impacts and are future focused.  

Companies who can utilise user generated content (UGC) in their social activities will engage more with their followers, fans and customers – and in turn be seen on their feeds by their hundreds or thousands of friends. Being able to react quickly to communications from the public, be it a comment or a simple ‘like’ will drive interaction.  

Enabling customers to be able to swipe up whilst on Instagram to access their shop is a key driver for sales in this digital age. With a brief thumb movement, millennial customers are familiar with browsing and purchasing whilst on the go via their mobile devices.  

Millennials are found across all social media platforms, so companies should ensure their messages are shared over their chosen, relevant apps. In order to engage this generation, make your business content relevant, friendly and appealing – shareable. 

As we know, mobile activity is the norm nowadays so do be certain that all aspects of your business work clearly and visibly on mobile first and desktop second. Millennials are multi-taskers and can order clothes whilst in the queue at the coffee shop or buy an item just seen on an Instagram post whilst on the train journey home. Make sure you are visible to this influential generation, on their preferred channels and once they engage, they will be loyal and responsive customers.  

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Country Puddings win the double

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

For the seventh year running, Cumbrian pudding manufacturer Country Puddings has scooped prestigious accolades in the Oscars of the food industry; the Great Taste Awards.

Famous for its Cumbrian origin the Sticky Toffee Pudding has been awarded one gold star, whilst Country Pudding’s Sticky Ginger Pudding has received two gold stars, with comments from the judges table “This is near perfect as sticky ginger puddings go. We were digging in for more”.

Great Taste is the largest and most trusted accreditation scheme for speciality and fine food & drink. Established in 1994, it encourages and mentors artisan food producers, offering a unique benchmarking and product evaluation service leading to an independent accreditation that enables small food and drink businesses to compete against supermarket premium own label brands.

A selection of Country Puddings products were judged by a panel of the nation’s most discerning food experts including top chefs, cookery writers, food critics, restaurateurs and fine food retailers.

Country Puddings traditional favourite puddings are sold nationwide and earlier this year claimed the prestigious accolade of being one of the UK’s 50 Food Stars by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.  They were also shortlisted in the Growth Business category for Northern England in The Food and Drink Federation Awards, which honour the talent and inspiration in the UK food and drink sector.  They will find out next month if they have won.

Country Puddings has grown consistently over the years and recognition in awards like these proves their puddings are a much loved addition to the menu.

Lynne comments,

“Gaining accolades and awards like this for our business is always great news.  It not only shows us that we are doing something right and that people love our puddings, but it also gives the small team who make all our puddings the recognition they deserve.  We are always looking for new recipes and ingredients and never rest on our laurels, so awards like this drive us forward to continue developing the business and achieving great things.”

Previously Country Pudding’s Syrup Sponge Pudding, Tangy Lemon Pudding, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Bread & Butter Pudding, Summer Pudding and Creamy Vanilla Custard have all won one or two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards.


Food & Drink Talent Recognised By Industry In Awards Shortlist

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Innovation, creativity and passion underpin the exceptional ideas, people and businesses that have made the shortlist for this year’s FDF Awards 2015; including Cumbrian food producer Country Puddings.

The Food and Drink Federation Awards honour the talent and inspiration in the UK food and drink sector. Finalists will find out if they have triumphed on Monday 7 September at a gala industry event at The Brewery, London.

The group and individual shortlists were chosen by a panel of judges comprised of industry experts and sponsors. Finalists include a range of well-known brands, SMEs and people who are rising stars in the industry or established innovators and technical experts.

Country Puddings has been shortlisted in the Growth Business category for Northern England along side Delicious Alchemy, The Flava People (MRC), Hawkshead Relish, Wold Top Brewery and Yorvale Ice-cream.

The annual FDF Awards ceremony is a highlight in the industry calendar as it gives food and drink companies the chance to show their customers and competitors that they are leading the way. The awards also showcase the industry’s continued and substantial contribution to the economy and consumers, in the UK and world-wide.

Steve Barnes, FDF’s Economics and Commercial Services Director, said:

“We’ve had a record number of entries across the food and drink supply chain including growers, retailers and artisan producers, ranging from the big global brands to SMEs. Our expert judging panel faced a huge challenge to get the entries down to a shortlist, but we’re really pleased with the variety and number of entrants. This is a reminder of the talented, dedicated people there are working in Britain’s food and drink industry.”

Sponsors for this year’s awards include: Aktrion Food and Drink, Alvarez and Marsal,  apetito, Food Matters Live, General Mills, Grant Thornton,  James Hutton Institute, Nestlé UK, PepsiCo UK, Sheffield Hallam University and Willis.