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Loyalty Cards – what do we really get out of them?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

So just recently when I decided to have my annual purse tidy out, I noticed the obscene amount of loyalty cards I have managed to collect.

From supermarkets to card shops, to eyebrow waxing and smoothies, there appears to be a loyalty card for almost everything. (And between my friends, family and I, we have them all!)

Concerned about my apparent loyalty card addiction, I asked some of friends and family to share with me their hoard.

       IMG_20150902_183816      IMG_20150825_222410

The ultimate goal for a marketer is to engage and retain customers. As the name suggests, loyalty cards are a popular way for businesses/shops/services to encourage loyalty or repeat business. These card schemes are big business for the companies that operate them. Not only do they encourage repeat business by creating competitive offers and point systems, but they provide highly valuable data capture, including accurate and detailed information on the spending patterns of their core customers.

As customers, whether it’s collecting stamps or points we all like to feel we are getting a good deal or even the odd reward or freebie. Just last week whilst shopping in Newcastle I redeemed a free smoothie – result! Why do freebies always taste better!?

However, if the frustration of having (like me!) a purse packed full of plastic is too much, there are new technologies being introduced to combat this. Apps such as Google Wallet and Apple Passbook will allow companies to mobilize their loyalty schemes. As we rely more and more on our technology, the demand for a mobile wallet has never been greater…