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Fitness App a first for Cumbria

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Elite Fitness in Penrith is the first independent gym in Cumbria to develop an App to boost business via mobile phones and tablets.

The Elite Fitness app includes the latest offers, news, a loyalty scheme, up and coming events, fan wall and gallery.  There is also the facility to book classes through the app and check the timetable, shop through a device, download diet and training tips and also tune into the gym’s music playlists.  The app was officially launched on the 8th July and through I-tunes and Google Play stores has already been downloaded over 200 times.

According to research of global mobile statistics taken in 2013, analysts estimate 1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile apps at the end of 2012 and forecast this to grow at 29.8% each year, to reach 4.4 billion users by the end of 2017.

With the increase of people using mobile phones and tablets to access the internet Elite Fitness developed a responsive website earlier in 2013, which can be seen whether the user is viewing the site on a desktop computer, laptop, mobile or tablet.  They also noticed that the amount of people accessing the Elite Fitness website from mobile devices doubled in 2012 compared to 2011.  There are various elements of the Elite Fitness website that are interactive and owners felt a mobile app would be another good way to make their business even more mobile friendly.

Steven Sharkey, owner of Elite Fitness comments,

“We found that lots of people were accessing our website through mobile devices, but there was so much more we could do on top of our existing website.  It gives members fitness tips, as well as offers, updates and the ability to book classes through their phones.   We want to provide an excellent service to our members and think about all the elements that might enhance their fitness journey.  We felt having an app was a good way to share information, but to also give them added incentives and motivation to achieve their fitness goals!”

The app was developed in association with Cumbrian based developer Jonathan Pickles, of Mobile Image.  Their aim is to create apps that look great, which people will want to download and continue to keep using; enhance a company’s image and help them win new customers and increase spend of existing ones.  It is hoped that the Elite Fitness app will develop and grow over time and become a pocket personal trainer for members.  The app can be downloaded in I-tunes for I-phones and I-pads and in Google play for android by searching for Elite Fitness.

Elite fitness helps in the battle of the bulge

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Dedicated members from Elite Fitness Gym in Penrith, keen to shed some weight after Christmas celebrated as they lose over 70 pounds on the first weight loss programme hosted at the gym.

Eleven eager participants took part in the 8 week weight loss programme. The course focused on healthy eating, fat loss and achieving an active lifestyle with gym owner Steven Sharkey and Nutrition advisor Sandra Mounsey. As they came to the end of the course the members lost over 7 stone between them.

According to government statistics over 60% of adults in the UK are overweight or obese* and Elite Fitness is on a mission to help Penrith get active and have a healthy lifestyle.

Steven comments,

“Our aim is to encourage people to get fit and healthy and help them lose weight, but more importantly make small changes in their lifestyle that can have a significant impact. Losing weight and getting healthy does not have to be onerous – you do not have to spend hours in the gym or eat lettuce for weeks; it is all about doing little things that make a big difference. We don’t want people to feel it’s something they can’t do and we’ve formed a great little support network of people that all help each other together.”

The course covered various topics including advice on a healthy balanced diet, complete with shopping lists, combining current nutrition around training and exercise to obtain optimum results from activities. They also received advice on making sensible choices when eating out, how to stay motivated and how to fit a healthy diet into a busy lifestyle.

Steven took the lead in getting the group more active and guided them in gym work, including cardio and strength training. Participants also kept an exercise diary over the duration of the course.

Members of the course were encouraged to use social media to help them in their task, posting their meals online and were given feedback on their food choices. Their weight and inch loss was monitored each week with some excellent results achieved across the group. The whole group successfully lost 22 inches from their waistlines; a good sign that they have all lost body fat and made significant improvements to their health.

Sandra said, “The main focus on this course was for fat loss and educating everyone in making good food choices, eating the right foods at the right times and providing the motivation that a group working together can provide. I am delighted with the results, it shows if you are prepared to make changes to lifestyle choices it will pay off and you will reap the rewards. We see this as just the beginning of a whole new improved lifestyle – leaner, fitter and healthier.”

Penrith couple Gary and Vickie Turnbull were particularly inspirational, losing more than 3 stones in weight between them and over 10 inches from their waistlines.

Vickie commented,
“I feel fantastic after losing almost a stone and a half in only 8 weeks. It was great to have the support from other members of the group, as well as Steven and Sandra to keep you motivated and keep going. I really didn’t think I’d be able to lose so much in such a short space of time, but am delighted at the results and will certainly keep on top of my plan!”

The second Waistline management course ‘Shape up for Summer’ will start on the 9th May.

New year, new look, new website for Elite Fitness

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Penrith’s premier Gym launches new website

Elite Fitness, based in Penrith’s Gilwilly Industrial Estate has launched a new look website in time for January’s rush of people looking to get fit and keep up to date with the hottest trends, classes and diet tips.

Since opening in March 2011, Elite Fitness has always used digital marketing as a way of keeping in touch with members, but their website lacked the functionality that their users needed. The website was one of the last pieces of marketing that Elite Fitness developed and it was all done in a rush to get a presence online. As the past 18 months has flown by they found the website hard to navigate, difficult to use and not user friendly and decided it was time for a change.

The new look website uses Elite Fitness’ strong brand identity in a much more striking way. As soon as you visit the website it looks professional, it is easy to navigate, user friendly and portrays the welcoming and personal feel that Elite Fitness is well known for.

Elite Fitness has some of the most advanced equipment in the area, including Matrix interactive treadmills which give users a virtual training experience, Matrix Elliptical trainers, Concept 2 Rowers and new state of the art free weights room with over 2000kg of metal to choose from. It was therefore important to the team at Elite Fitness to have a website that reflected their forward thinking approach. Members can book classes direct online, and any new members can also join online so it’s very simple. Elite Fitness has also included links to social media channels and a ‘latest news’ blog section to the site. There are interactive timetables and class descriptions with videos of what the classes are like, to give members a real idea of what to join in with. There is also the facility to order merchandise and supplements on the site.

The website has also been developed as a ‘responsive’ site. Over 40% of visitors to the Elite Fitness website access the site with mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This is reflective of the UK trend with 57% of UK users accessing websites via a smartphone or mobile device*. It was therefore important that the Elite Fitness website could be easily accessed and read on these types of devices. Not only does this help increase the number of visits to the website, but also how users can interact with the site and gives members the flexibility to book classes on their mobile phones on the go.

Steven Sharkey, Director of Elite Fitness comments

We are delighted with our new website. It had got into a bit of a mess and we were at a loss as to how to make it look and work better. Our main aim is to give lots of information about our classes and be a good resource for members to find out what is going on. We also wanted to show potential new members how easy it is to join and that Elite Fitness is a friendly family run gym. We can now feel proud of our new website and now it is another added benefit to members.”

Steven worked with several local businesses to develop the site. Acorn Marketing helped “detangle” the website and ensure it was a user friendly, easy to navigate and that the website looked good and read well. Many businesses forget the importance of a good website, what they are trying to achieve from it and what their business goals are. Acorn marketing helped Elite Fitness determine exactly what they wanted the website to do and created a strategy which the site now follows. Design of the site was done by local designer Jili Allen and the build of the site was created by Oppo-sites.

The new Elite Fitness website is now up and running check it out at