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How social media played its part in the general election

Friday, May 8th, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad when all this election talk is over and things are back to normal.  Whatever your views of who is in power, one thing is for sure is that social media has had a huge part to play in this general election.

Many of my followers and friends have taken to social media to air their views.  I tend to refrain from sharing my political views, but there have been some really interesting debates to read and have often raised questions that I’ve not known the answers to.

For the political parties, social media has also been hugely influential more than ever before.  According to the

Figures have shown that the Conservatives benefitted from the most engagement on their Facebook page with 467,000 likes with supporters generating more than 50,000 comments.

It seems that people have been attracted to taking to social media to be able to engage with politicians on a human level, have discussions and ask questions which we’ve not really been able to do before.

There was also a bit of comedy thrown in there with Nicola Sturgeon’s #dollgate story which started trending on Twitter.  A story revealed in the Sun newspaper that she once hacked the hair off her Barbie doll when she was younger.   Some members of the SNP were worried this could be detrimental to their campaign, but Ms Sturgeon herself took to Twitter and said

For the record, I think my sister is misremembering. I’m sure it was a Sindy doll. #DollGate


I’m not proud of it, Linda, but I’ve changed. My niece’s dolls have never come to any harm. #DollGate

With the outcome of the General Election perhaps this social media story showed the human side of the leader and gained her a few extra votes?

Even as we all took to the polls, Facebook encouraged people to share that they’d voted and on twitter the hashtag #IVoted trended throughout the day.  There are many lessons that can be learned from how social media has been used in this election – it’ll be interesting to see how things change for the next election and perhaps how politicians can use social media in an even more engaging way in the future.