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Some Simple Tips for Building a Strong Online Presence

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

1) Remember, you have less than 5 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention. The majority of viewers are visiting your site for something specific.  So make sure your site is easy to navigate. Instead of writing blocks of text use short paragraphs, bulleted or numbered lists and bold words to highlight important information. Use simple, eye catching and appropriate design and images.

2) Use Analytics – find out how your website is performing at present. What are your target audience going to your site for? What information are they seeking? Then determine how you can make this information easier to find and present in an accessible, attractive format. Collating analytics can be time consuming, but recording the performance of your site is hugely beneficial to its progression – seeing the improvements and increased ‘hits’ is also really rewarding!

3) Write blogs – they are useful for informing, interacting, networking and socialising with the people you want to connect with. They add a personal touch to your website and allow people an insight in your working life. For Acorn Marketing, we love posting and celebrating the successes of our clients. As well as writing about the projects we are involved in and the things we are passionate about (usually marketing!) Don’t limit yourself to your own website, comment on other people’s site, accounts and blogs to raise your online presence.

4) Similarly, social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) is hugely important, so make sure you have business accounts which are linked to your website. Twitter is great for interacting with the public; it is informal, quick and simple. The use of hash-tags connects you to others who are interested in the same particular topic or trend.

5) Keep up to date – technology moves so quickly nowadays, with new devices, hash-tags and apps released almost daily. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. But if this new trend, fad or news story has a link to your area or industry, there is an opportunity to take advantage of and increase your online presence.

5 Simple tips for building your online presence, why not give them a go!?