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Twitter Turns 10!

Friday, March 25th, 2016

It definitely doesn’t seem like 10 years ago since Twitter transformed how we use social media, introducing ‘Tweets’ , ‘Trends’ and ‘Hashtags’ where we could compose our thoughts and emotions in no more than 140 characters (including spaces!!)

To celebrate Twitter’s 10th Birthday, here are some tips and tricks I have learnt along the way on how to make that 140 character limit stretch a little further!

1) Forget the grammar police! We all abbreviate on Twitter.

2) Simple – use contractions so ‘it is’ becomes ‘it’s’ and ‘cannot’ becomes ‘can’t’.

3) Use your characters, that means &s, +s, %s and #s

4) Every word counts. Scrap needless words, adjectives, additional pronouns.

5) Try word shortcuts. ‘Retweet’ becomes ‘RT’, ‘with’ becomes ‘w/’, you get the idea.

6) Use link shorteners. URLs waste vital characters, so reduce your links, reduce your characters. Google have their own URL shortener which is really simple to use. Most social media scheduling tools such as Buffer will do this for you.

7) Look at using 120 characters. If you are looking for followers to retweet and add a comment you must leave them space to do so.

I’m sure 10 years on many of you are pretty savvy when it comes to Twitter but here are some things to remember when it comes to Twitter for Business.

– Presentation and Appearance! Use your bio, profile picture and background image to your best advantage. First impressions count, use high quality images and optimise your bio (you only have 160 characters, so make them count), adding a URL to direct people to your website is a good idea.

– Even for business, Twitter is considered a casual platform. So add personality to your tweets, have a voice and use humour and a friendly tone people want to interact with.

– Content is always king! Reach out to your target audience with topics they will connect with, find interesting and hopefully interact with.

– Look out for trends. Obviously, be sensible and don’t over use hastags, (this can be annoying). Look out for trends in your region and among your target audience. Twitter is super easy to seek out emerging trends, just use the ‘Moments’ tab or search bar.

– Use the @ function correctly. If you @ someone at the beginning of a tweet, only people who follow you and them will see it. If you want all your followers to see it, then put a full stop before their name (like .@Acorn_lisa Hi Lisa).

Remember what your mum taught you – Manners cost nothing! Particularly, when starting out on Twitter it is important to be thankful to your followers. If people retweet you, thank them, it will encourage further interaction in the future.

Keep on Tweetin’ x