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Hunter Hall pupil’s poetry inspiration

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Pupils at Hunter Hall recently welcomed Holly Corfield Carr, the Wordsworth Trust’s Poet in Residence in to school.  Holly spent an afternoon running poetry workshops with children in Years’ 2 and 3 and Year 6.

The younger classes’ workshop, on the theme of ‘Caves’ invited the children to collaborate in building their own portable, private space through imaginative writing.  Responding via the senses, they played games with echoes, wore headsets to simulate a cave’s ‘white noise’ and explored what happens to language in the dark!

Year 6 enjoyed a separate session entitled ‘Cairns’, in which each child was invited to select a small pebble from a small mound of stones that Holly had collected from the local area. With magnifying glasses and wet sponges, the children were able to bring out the patterns and colours of the stone. As a fun introduction to the geology of the Lakes, this workshop offered a superb starter for the children to write, arrange and ‘edit’ their own poem taking inspiration from rocks gathered in the Lake District; just as Wordsworth found his inspiration for poetry writing from the environment around him.

Year 6 pupils Connie Clutterbuck-Riley and Emily Hetherington explained that:

“After Holly had taught us some interesting facts about Wordsworth, we were given rocks that were aged between three and four million years old. We were told to use similes and metaphors to describe our rocks.  We all really enjoyed the afternoon and the poetry writing and would love to do the workshop again.”

Here is Connie’s poem, inspired by Wordsworth;

My Rock

My rock is like dozens of grains of sand

Spread out on the sunny beach near the tropical palm trees,

Glimmering and glistening under the topaz sky.

Some grains are wet and lonely,

Drowned by the aquamarine wave water

Hollowing the ground.

Others are so positive and dry that they burn in the golden sun.


Deputy Head Teacher Antonia Taylor commented,

“We were delighted to welcome Holly into school.  The children loved the workshops and learned a lot about creative writing and the local area – we have some budding poets amongst our pupils who were really inspired by Wordsworth and his love of the Lakes and writing.”

 Hunter Hall’s next Open Event is taking place from 27th – 31st March 2017.  To find out more about visit or call 01768 891291 to book an appointment