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Yellowbus Solutions to bring High Speed Internet to Westlakes

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Warrington based Yellowbus Solutions have recently expanded their operation into Cumbria and have begun work improving the network infrastructure in and around Westlakes Science and Technology Park.

Since opening the new office at the start of the year, Yellowbus Solutions have been making significant efforts to improve the Westlakes internet infrastructure with the aim of bringing super-fast broadband speeds to the area.

The company, which has been operating out of their Warrington HQ since 2000, moved into the Innovation Centre in December and is already providing IT services to many Westlakes based firms.  Yellowbus Solutions are specialists in managed IT support, cloud solutions, hosted telephony and internet services.  The move to Cumbria came following an acquisition of Furness Internet’s connectivity infrastructure at the site.

Michael Pemberton, CEO of Britain’s Energy Coast, the owners and operators of Westlakes Science & Technology Park, welcomed Yellowbus Solutions;

“Not only does the arrival of Yellowbus signify a great investment into Cumbria by a firm committed to local growth and employment, but it also brings a strengthen relationship with BEC and a key Westlakes infrastructure partner. We have been actively reviewing services at Westlakes to ensure the site is a top choice for businesses in the area, and connectivity is a critical upgrade area for us. We are pleased to see Yellowbus get to work quickly the region and make positive steps towards upgrading the capacity and quality of the broadband connections at our site.”

Yellowbus Solutions have a strong track record providing internet and other IT services to the nuclear industry and will put its experiences of running the connectivity network at Birchwood Park in Warrington, where they are based, to good use as it expands at Westlakes.

Connectivity has long been a pressure point for Cumbrian businesses and both BEC and Yellowbus believe the upgrades to the infrastructure at Westlakes will be of significant benefit to tenants at Westlakes.

Commenting on the expansion and upgrade, Michael Ruck, Director of Yellowbus said;

“The expansion into Westlakes Science & Technology Park was a natural decision for Yellowbus.  We have worked on several projects in Cumbria within the nuclear and engineering industries. These are a growing and important part of the UK’s economy and companies operating in these sectors require an IT infrastructure that is reliable, secure, efficient and flexible. Yellowbus has secured its reputation in those areas and we are confident we can deliver for Cumbrian businesses.”

Moving into Cumbria will allow Yellowbus to offer innovative products and services to an ever expanding client base throughout the North West Science Corridor and beyond.

Anyone wishing for further information regarding the new connectivity options around Westlakes are encouraged to contact Jacob Glover on 01946 552 633