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The Oaklea Trust signs up to Social Care Commitment


The Oaklea Trust signs up to Social Care Commitment

The Oaklea Trust,  who have employees throughout Eden that help disabled and disadvantaged people, have recently signed up to the Social Care Commitment, which is a voluntary agreement about workforce quality.

The Social Care Commitment’s primary purpose is to ensure public confidence that people who need care and support services across the UK, including Eden, will always be supported by skilled people who treat them with dignity and respect.  As part of this commitment the Oaklea Trust promises to give their workers in and around Eden the development they need and staff promise to put social care values into practice in their daily work.  Team members in Eden have been enrolled on specific training courses above and beyond the minimum requirements of the commitment, including Dementia Awareness Facilitator Training (University of Stirling) and diplomas in Leadership for Health & Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (Levels 2 -5)

Minister of State for Care and Support Norman Lamb has again reiterated his, and the Department of Health’s full support, for the Social Care Commitment “encouraging every employer and every employee” working in adult social care to sign up.

By signing up, The Oaklea Trust’s team in Eden and throughout Cumbria will adhere to seven clear commitments designed to help develop the skills and knowledge of their workforce. They focus on real workplace issues including effective communication, upholding dignity and protecting privacy.

“It is really important for people to have reliable information about what good care looks like so they can make the right choices about the care they want. This commitment from employers and staff will help foster a more open, transparent system that leaves bad care with nowhere to hide and will lead to better standards across the board.”

The commitment’s development has been led by Skills for Care, working with employers, employees, individual employers, personal assistants and people who need care and support to make sure the commitment is fit for purpose and can be easily embedded into sector workforces.

Director of the Oaklea Trust Sue Green comments,

 “We see this as a real commitment to help us continually think about how to improve the care and support we provide. The relationship between us as an employer and our employee/volunteer is directly linked to the relationship that our employees/volunteers have with each customer”

The commitment is strongly supported by sector leaders including the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Bill Mumford, Chair of the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group, said: “I am fond of saying: ‘people experience our behaviours not our values’, i.e. actions speak louder than words.  This is why I am particularly keen to support the launch of the Social Care Commitment and will be encouraging employers and social care workers across the sector to sign up.  With so much public concern it will be an opportunity for individuals and their loved ones to check on-line who has signed up and be reassured that the commitment is to them.”

The Oaklea Trust are also now looking for more employees to strengthen their team and encourage more people to join in their campaign for high quality care for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged people.

Published : October 14th 2014

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