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Time for Vine: How can your business use video on social media?

This week I have been lucky to have a talented young man undertaking some work experience with me.  Lewis Ridley is a student at Ullswater Community College in Penrith and is currently looking at some future career options.  With an interest in Journalism I thought it would be great to get him to do some writing and a bit of an investigation into my latest discovery…Vine.  Over to you Lewis…

In January, Twitter launched a 6-second video sharing app called Vine. The app lets you communicate with the world using moving image – a huge breakthrough for social media, and the biggest since YouTube. In fact the statistics show that in its debut was more successful than that of YouTube itself, back in the dark ages. Vine is directly linked to Twitter, the app now seen as the leading social media network both for personal use and business. A Vine is basically a little window into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up our day to day lives. However in June, Facebook reacted by adding a video option to their photo sharing interface Instagram. There has been huge debate on which app is the front-runner, with each boasting their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, each app is more smoothly able to embedded into its respective site from which it originated (Twitter and Vine, Facebook and Instagram) – basically, an Instagram post on Twitter shows a link which means the user has to open a separate screen to view it whereas ‘Vines’ can be directly viewed on Instagram.

In the blue corner…
So, for personal use, feeding your inner professional photographer and interacting with your friends – Instagram wins.
But, more and more of the top brands including Honda and Ben and Jerry’s are using newcomer Vine to spread the word about their offers and events. On 7th June, 4 days after Android released a version of Vine, Topsy Analytics, a company that gathers and analyzes tweets, reported that Vine had gained 2.86 million shares on Twitter. Let’s take a look at how exactly your business could benefit from some Vining (yes, that’s a word I made up)…

• Office Tour – People love an insight into the heart of a business. It makes customers feel more directly involved with the company and it can also help you give your business some personality and life! Here is HubSpot showing a new addition to the office.

• Interviews – They say that first impressions are important and they’re often made within a second of meeting someone, so imagine what you can do with 6 of them! For those staff that love the limelight (we all know who they are) and even for those who pretend they hate it, give them 6 seconds to explain what they do and their personality – it will make your customers recognise the people behind the business and may even prompt a few jokes from visiting customers.

• Customer experience – Ask one of your customers to sum their experience of either a product or a service in 6 seconds! This will not only help you interact with your customers but will surely prompt conversation in the streets – which is all more interest in your company.

• Broadcast the scenes from an event – You could record the moment as people arrive for the launching of a new product, a new location or an annual company event – get people talking and itching to join in with the masses!

• Be imaginative – A day in the life of a pudding, a member of staff, a treadmill, any object that has the potential to be a summary of the work you do or just downright hilarious. Let your creative side run wild. It’s amazing what 6 seconds of video could do for your business!

Remember, whether Facebooking, Tweeting, Vining or Instagramming – it’s important to stay professional. Read “5 tips for Professional Social Networking” for some advice on how to represent yourself and your business in the world of social media. Go to the aptly named site ‘Brands on Vine’ to see how the big names have used Vine!

Published : July 18th 2013

Categories :Social Media